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ACAB Punk Point deck


8.625 inches wide x 32.5 inches long
15 inch wheelbase
deep concave
100% Canadian Maple

Everywhere I go in Kreuzberg I see stickers for Radio skateboards.
Everywhere I go in Kreuzberg I see the letters ACAB written on walls.

So I chopped up a Radio sticker and made this graphic for them.

They put the graphic on the "punk point" deck I designed for MDCN Distribution (they distribute Elephant Skateboards in Germany) and it's only available in two places in the entire world - Search & Destroy skate shop in Kreuzberg, and from right here. Exclusive shit!

watch the video:

Buy this deck and I'll send you a free copy of my book "Ways To Deal" and a bunch of stickers. Does life get any better?!? I doubt it!

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