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Corona Entertainment Pack - six fanzines


Digging through boxes of zines while on lockdown, putting together care packages for friends, I discovered I have way more zines than I thought. So I've put together these "Corona Entertainment Packs" to help you feed your brain something more nutritious than Netflix and news reports about FEAR!!!


Idiot Island issue 2 and 3
24 page full colour A5 zines of comic strips, articles, and gentle revolutionary encouragement. Issue 2 published 2018, Issue 3 published 2020.

ana[b]log issue 7 or 5 (only one of each left)
24 page B & W A5 zine of clippings from books and magazine articles that I found interesting and inspiring (before I had internet or a smart phone I used to read a book a week!) Published 2014

Dave the Chimp's DOT-TO-DOT Book
24 page B & W A5 zine of my one-line drawings, turned into "join-the-dots" fun for you and your family! Published 2010

Recycle Ya Bastards issue 2
36 page B & W A5 zine. I used to save all the "dead" print-outs and photocopies I made, and used them to make these zines. No two copies of this issue are the same! Published 2009. Limited edition of 114.

Searching For The Perfect Line
32 page B & W A5 zine published for my solo exhibition of the same title. This is the kind of work I was making around the time I moved to Berlin 12 years ago. Graffiti letter abstractions, warped skateparks and pools, and one line drawings in the streets. Published 2008. Limited edition of 200.

Sorry, due to Corona Post Office restrictions, I can only send these packs to European addresses :-(