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Maintaining The Balance series - Project 1


Stencil print, acrylic on 180 gsm paper
29.7 cms x 21 cms
Edition of 46, signed and numbered
Photographic print
15 cms x 10 cms
Signed and numbered

"Maintaining The Balance" was an exercise in maintaining the balance of work a street artist creates for the street and for the gallery, thus ensuring that the marketing friendly term of "street artist" is still appropriate

It was also a comment on the quantity of product the average street artist makes available to the art market compaired with the amount of art they put in the street.

With Project 1, a stencil was created.
One can of paint was used to paint the stencil in the street until the can was empty.
The street pieces were then photographed and counted.
A corresponding number of stenciled prints were then made in the studio.
Each print is matched with a photograph, thus proving that each print represents a street piece.
The balance between street and studio, "free art" and product, remain in balance.

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