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u&i.create - Yeah! - Framed Screen Print


u&i.create is a simple artwork system requiring the creative involvement of the customer for it's completion.

By screen printing on glass, the body of the character is free for you to select it's colour.
Each framed print on glass comes with three coloured backing boards, and simple instructions showing you how to make your own.

Why not match the colour to the decor of your home?
Use swatches of wallpaper, or fabric that match your curtains or the cushions on your couch.
Create collages of your favourite colours, or use candy wrappers, record covers or family photos.
Hosting a dinner party? Match the colour to your outfit.
Change the colour to match the seasons, or use pressed flowers or autumn leaves.

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Two colour screen print on glass, framed. 22.2 cms x 15.3 cms.

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