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Dave the Chimps "GRAB BAG"

15.00 - On Sale

Yeah! Just like those paper bags of candy, old comics, and random plastic crap we used to beg Mum to buy us in the summer holidays, but better coz I'm telling you what's in it before you part with your pocket money!


• "Backstage Pass" DVD - the hard-to-find film of the now legendary "Backstage Pass" exhibition from the Visual Rock Star crew Flying Fortress and Dave the Chimp. DVD also features the complete performance from their "band" ViRuS, and photo galleries of the parties, performances, and artwork. If you're a street art fan and want to see how we used to roll before things got all stuffy and serious, you need to see this movie!

• "ART PASS" travel card holder. This colourful vinyl wallet will hold your travel card, bank cards, cash, etc, and make you look well wicked, innit.

• "Extreme Jesus" badge and vinyl sticker set. Four great Extreme Jesus button badges and four Extreme Jesus screen printed vinyl stickers. Praise the Lord!

• "Hatch" limited edition sticker pack, containing a bunch of stickers, but the one you're interested in is the one I designed.

• "Cabbage Head Comix" - super stupid mini comic, the kind of photocopied trash I produce when I think no one's looking.

• Dave the Chimp classic Eye/Hole logo sticker.

All wrapped up in a nice paper bag which you can puke in with excitement at all this "Dave the Chimp brand" goodness. Wahooo!

Orders in the European Union, please select "United Kingdom" as your shipping destination (Big Cartel has no setting for "EU")

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