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Theres A Party On M.C.Eshers Grave Tonight - Screen Print


50 cms x 50 cms
2 colour screen print
Signed and numbered edition of 25

Printed by Bera at La Raclet from hand painted films

Based on M. C. Eshers' famous etching "Relativity" from 1953, my print brings us to the inside of my skateboarder/street artist brain. Why walk down stairs when you can grind the handrail?

This print features references to skateboard companies like Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz, G&S, Alva, Death Box, Insane, Mob, Mischief, Radio, Consolidated and H Street, skaters such as Neil Blender, Eddie Reategui, Rob Roskopp and Tod Swank, Animal Chin, police harassment, graffiti and street artists and crews JUST, Flying Fortress, 1UP, Shepard Fairey, OZ, NOV and TEK33, as well as a few personal skateboarding and graffiti references. All wrapped up in a mind-bending optical illusion printed in pale turquoise grey and black.

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